Make up Art: make up as an unlimited source of creativity.

Make up can be used as ink on canvas. No limits. A thousand of possibilities. 
Make up - Art - Ideas - Inspire - Inspira - Make up is like ink on canvas. 
From cultural celebrations like Carnival and Halloween to Political protests.
You can do so much with it, in so many different occasions! 
Amusement, ideas, art projects, political protests, theater..
Carnival Make up Mask or...
The perfect idea to not use suffocating masks in Gala parties:

Concept make up for an artistic video about Ebola when New York was in alert about contamination risks. A project with Pedro Silva, brasilian artist-paintor.
Make up as a concept for theather. Theater play "Baden-Baden" from Bertold Bretch.
A play about power and interests. Strength, acceptance, group behavior.
Make up, hairstyle and costume concept by Luisa Bresolin and Mirella Granucci.
 Make up for fun or scary days - Carnival - Halloween
 Finally, a political make up! A make up to call attention for climate change consequences, during the the Climate March in 2014 held in New York and several other places in US. There's no smokey eye, only a furious orange and a thermometer line, indicating trouble ahead. #ittakesdeveryone #tochangeeverything #climatemarch #environment #globalissues

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